UPDATE: Jan 2021 – I got an update up, Violacious chapter 5.  You would think with so much lockdown time I would be writing like crazy but weirdly I always feel like I have plenty to spare and have no pressure to write.  Please send messages to me, knowing someone is waiting might be the kick I need.

Comments here or on DA would be welcome to my readers, if any.

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All posts are working DRAFTS as I need to edit and tweak them as flaws are pointed out.

While growing up I thought that I hated writing until I discovered I just hated writing what I was told to write. Once I figured that out, I began to learn a lot about telling stories. For years I have dabbled and planned but now it’s time to step up my game.

I would love to become a full-time writer, telling the stories I have to tell. The only thing in my way has been getting my work to readers and making enough money to do it for a living. Then I found out about patreon and thought it might work for me. So this is me testing the waters here, hoping it takes off and allows me to build whole worlds for people to enjoy.

Plan of Action:
After ditching the idea of locking my writing behind a paywall where few could see it, I am going to post it for free and invite readers to donate monthly or just for a single month, whatever they want.

I aim to have each chapter roughly 7000 words in length. Some might dip below that depending on flow, while most will be above that mark. I hope that people enjoy what I have to offer and I invite you all to point out any mistakes I make (spelling, grammar, plot holes) so I can improve myself. I aim to post at least ONE chapter a month, but may end up doing more if I am in the zone.

Feel free to ask me anything you want to know, I will update this as I go.